NB! Orders between December 17 and 26, 2021 will be shipped December 27!

Why purchase Batik Be Safe

Consider this situation: Get the protection you need for you and your loved ones and help those in need, while supporting entrepreneurs that make a difference in our community.

Each purchase enables our tailors and workers to support their families in the Buleleng region, Bali, Indonesia.

Batik Be Safe is an idea created from a network of entrepreneurs and shoppers, where people and the planet come first.

Impact of your purchase 
We invest into equipping the tailors and workers with the tools they need to build a better life. We provide hope and opportunity through living-wage jobs to fulfill basic household needs and invest in their lives and their work.
Especially in these uncertain times of crisis. 

We try to empower people to make choices for the good of themselves and their community and get a grip on their own situation and their environment.

Thank you on behalf of everyone involved.