Our story

During the corona pandemic in 2020, a shortage of certified face masks led to the worldwide production of handmade face masks. 
Discussions are being conducted and studies are being carried out into the use of face masks and how they work.
Governments and agencies issue various advice and publications, but often with conflicting reports.
Officially it has not yet been recognized that face masks with a low filter value have a protective effect, but nevertheless we believe in the protection and the use of it.
In our society we are not only dealing with viruses, but also with particulate matter, soot particles and pollen.
If you sneeze or cough due to illness and you wear a mask, this does ensure less excretion according to microbiologists.
You do not always wear a mask for yourself, but also for your environment.

Masks with a story  
With the purchase of a Batik Be Safe face mask you not only take care of yourself, but also support others.
Our masks are manufactured in Bali, Indonesia.
The people and 
businesses on Bali were hit hard by the pandemic.
Many countries offered state aid for affected companies and their employees but not in Indonesia.
saw their income disappear completely for months. 
With your purchase you directly support the local workers and ensure that families are provided with an income.

Looking forward
It is clear that our society is changed by the corona pandemic.
Also, wearing a face mask in our daily life becomes very normal.
In Asia, wearing a face mask is already integrated into the daily street scene and also in contact professions such as a hairdresser or pedicure.
Taking care of our world is the most important part of our new world.
Looking at face masks, we produce and destroy millions of disposable masks every day.
We wish we can solve that problem right-away, but you can start with using reusable face masks at first.
It's more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

It's just normal, using and wearing a face mask and when you do, you wear it in style!