3 layer Face Mask

Our face masks are build-up in three layers. 

Generally a face mask should be soft, with good air permeability, barrier and filtration. 

Fashion Fabric

For the outside layer we use a fashionable fabric.
The best Batik fabric selected with love.
It looks good and makes you wanna wear it in style. 


For the second layer we use Spunbond and is a non-woven fabric.
Spunbond is versatile and used worldwide in millions of products, including medical and hygienic purposes such as face masks. This layer is the filter layer, it's a strong, washable, and reusable Spunbond variant. 


The layer what touches your skin is made of 100% cotton. 
It is soft and pleasant to wear.

Filter pocket

All of our face masks are provided with a filter pocket. 
You can easily change your disposable filter. 

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